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        As the only high education institution in Taitung, National Taitung University has the unshirkable social responsibility to play a leading role in teaching, research, regional industrial upgrading and internationalization. Reacting to the diverse developments and changing trends of Taiwan’s society, our university has adopted public-private partnership strategy to build our Taitung Campus as the base for the “industrial collaboration innovation” which aims to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders (industry, academia, government and research) through providing public services and facilities.

        To achieve the goal, our Industrial Collaboration Innovation Park has been set up as the integration platform of public and private resources such as teaching resources, research resources and social resources. With efficient management of the resources, the Park will become an important widow for schools of all levels, government, society and enterprises in Taitung for pursuing the significant project objectives of developing “Regional Academy”, “Local Commitments” and “Global Perspectives”.

        Moreover, through combining the resources from academia, government and research with the output value of cultural and high-tech industries in the Great Taitung area, the Park attempts to expand the market volume of industrial collaboration and promote both the interscholastic collaboration and the development of value-added technologies and internationalization of the local industries with the expectation of fulfilling the social duties of NTTU as a leading regional university.