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Business Concepts

1.      Setting up “Office of Industrial Collaboration and Continuing Education Affairs” as the dedicated agency for the integration of regional academy, continuing education, industrial collaboration, innovative incubation and international cooperation to show the determination of serving the local industries to fulfill our social responsibilities.

2.      Creating links among resources from industry, academia, government and research, and coordinating with government policy to promote the industrial upgrading and transformation, develop emerging industries, serve cultural industries and nurture human resources of industry management in the eastern region of Taiwan.

3.      Coordinating with the local government policy to promote the development of the eastern region of Taiwan under the Hualien-Taitung Area Development Act; improving commercial technology of the local industries by licensing and transfer of intellectual property developed by academic researches to attenuate the impacts of the urban–rural gaps and industrial resource imbalance.

4.      Combining with the local characteristics and residents’ demands to develop comprehensive and diverse creative energies and build up the platform for industrial collaboration in the Great Taitung area to realize the strategies of “promoting regional adaptive development”, “building industrial innovation environments” and “strengthening development for internationalization”.

5.      Coordinating with the local characteristics to reinforce the fields of tourism, health care, leisure sports, cultural and creative industry and design; enhancing education policies to accomplish the goals of localization and globalization.

6.      Promoting lifelong education and increasing learning opportunities to improve the qualities and skills of citizens in the Great Taitung area.