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1. Constructing Taitung University as the center for the strategic industry-academia alliance in Taitung.

2. Increasing diversity of tenant companies to perk up the industrial innovations in the eastern region of Taiwan; catalyzing the research and professional development collaborations among industry, academia and government to achieve the local resource integration and form the innovation-oriented industrial cluster.

3. Promoting the interactions among industries and providing them with the services of counseling, innovative incubating, aesthetic experiencing and marketing communication to build the Park both as the showcase for CIE (Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship) in Taitung and as a comprehensive multifunctional space for industrial innovations.

4. Coordinating with the education-industry interactions and the resource integration to spread messages about our marketing services and establish the image of excellent quality and efficiency for our university.

5. Setting up an experiment environment and a business startup incubation mechanism; incubating creative and cultural industries in eastern Taiwan through combining with the incubation resources from Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Culture to produce complementary and synergy effects by division of labor.

6. Displaying outstanding service and commitment to industrial collaboration and pursuing the highest service quality and effectiveness.

7. Activating our campus and injecting funds in our University Fund for sustainable management.